Author: Eduard Arroyo

I am passionate about transmitting passion, both in physics and education in general.

Using OO diagrams for Lenz’s law

Lately I’ve been flirting with the modeling approach to physics and it has done some wonderful things for my lessons. Last week I decided to teach induction this in mind: I got my students to try out moving a magnet through coils with different turns and record their results. This is what they tried out: Change […]

Teaching the electric field and potential

A month ago or so I took to the net to ask for help modeling the electric field and potential. Many people came to the rescue. I’d like to especially thank Frank Noschesche (@fnoschese) and Dany Doucette (@danny_doucette) for their help and to apologise for the late reply: I got commissioned a new book that I […]

5 reasons your school should teach coding

Should schools teach coding? Ours does. A year ago our school decided to revamp its IT program. We decided that Microsoft Office belonged in the classroom, in context, and not as a disjointed activity. We renamed IT lessons “Computer Science” and we put a syllabus together. We decided to teach coding. These were our reasons for doing […]

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